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10 Best Web Hosting Companies That Offer Free SSL Certificates In 2021

Today we are going to see the top 10 web hosting sites that offer free SSL certificates for any domain a user registers with them. Why SSL certificate is important? and how we can get it for free by purchasing hosting from WPX hosting and other similar hosting?

Getting traffic on a website is very difficult when the website is not very famous. Then you have to do lots of efforts in the content and marketing. But there is a huge mistake that most bloggers do in the starting stage. They don’t install the SSL certificate on their web hosting.

It may seem not a big deal to beginners but let me tell you how you can lose your traffic? the professional bloggers know the benefit of SSL certificate on the website and they recommended to everyone.

But the main reason why most bloggers skip it is due to its price. SSL certificate is not free and it comes with a yearly fee. So most of the people don’t bother to install it on their website.

What Is SSL Certificate? & Why It Is Important?

First, we will get some knowledge about the SSL Certificate so we can better understand the need for it. An SSL certificate is a certificate for a website that verifies that the connection between server and website is encrypted. That means all the data and information of their users are safe and secure.

When a website doesn’t install an SSL then the browser shows a red warning in the left corner of the browser. So this will get a negative impression on the user and they will leave the website. because no one wants to use any unsafe website due to security reasons.

On the other hand, the website which has SSL installed then the people will come to know that this website is safe and they can share information on it. This will let your users form trust on your website and you will get more traffic.

The other benefit of an SSL certificate is that they are very beneficial in the SEO ranking. Google gives a slight boost to the website which have SSL installed and they push it to higher ranking in the search.

That is why an SSL certificate is very important for the traffic and reputation of the website. there are also many benefits to the ranking of the website. 

Now we have understood why SSL is important. then the question arises is there any way to get it for free? the answer is yes! SSL certificates can get for free with the web hostings. Not all web hosting offers free SSL certificates so it will become a tuff job to find those web hosting. so we did it for you. We have listed the top 10 best web hosting that offers a free SSL certificate in their hosting plan.

Top 10 Web Hosting That Offer Free SSL Certificates

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies Offering Free SSL Certificates For Domain Names In 2021

1. WPX Hosting

Like many other web hosting providers, WPX hosting is the one on our list that offers Free SSL Certificate and you can further read here. WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider that comes with some great features and services. It is a very popular WordPress hosting and is the best choice for all those bloggers who are looking for reliable, affordable & fast WordPress hosting.

WPX Hosting is on the top because of the perfect combination of their plan price and services. They have different types of hosting plans to offer. These hosting plans are designed for all types of needs from small businesses to large businesses. The web servers are fully capable of handling any amount of traffic.

They offer an unlimited SSL certificate in every hosting plan for all your websites for free.

Apart from a free ssl certificate, I’d like you to give you a quick bonus from WPX Hosting to get a whopping 60% off wpx hosting monthly plans when you use these promo codes.

In order to get discount on WPX Hosting, you can either use the following coupon during the checkout and make sure you have selected the monthly billing cycle.

Coupon Code: bloggingscout

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is a very popular and trusted web hosting. people have formed a huge trust in the services of Hostgator. Their user retention rate is mind-blowing. The reason why there are loved by their customers is due to their 100% commitment to their support and services.

Hostgator offers different types of hosting that are shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. all these hosting plans include free SSL certificates.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is the most reliable and affordable hosting plan. They have many features and services to offer that is worth more money. The hosting plan comes with a free domain name and free SSL certificates and more.

The hosting plan is sufficient for small business websites and when the requirements grow then the plan is very easy to upgrade.

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is an environment-friendly web hosting. they are very concern about pollution in the environment. So they spend some percentage of their revenue on the betterment of the earth. 

You can become a part of their initiative too. their servers are very powerful and can handle any amount of traffic with CDN. The best thing is that they are environment-friendly. Their servers don’t realize harmful CO2 in the air. In the hosting package, you get a lot of cool stuff along with a free SSL certificate.

5. Siteground

If you are a creative person and want to show off your skill on your website. then Siteground will help in it. They offer a free website builder with drag and drop features. So no programming is required to build a website. 

The website builder is very easy to use and there are a lot more features in the hosting plan. They have a free website transfer and a free SSL certificate to offer.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a very powerful but affordable web hosting. their servers are 20x faster than other servers. So the page loading speed is increased and the user can surf the website faster. They have different types of hosting to offer and all the hosting plan includes free SSL certificates

7. Godaddy

Godaddy is a very popular domain registrar in the world. They provide premium domain names at affordable prices. they also offer web hosting plans which are shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

In every hosting plan, you will get a free SSL certificate and free website transfer. So you can enjoy the benefits of SSL for free.

8. Cloudways

Cloudways is the best cloud hosting in the market. They have their cloud CDN to handle large traffic on the website. they have many features to offer in the hosting plan. You get to choose which company’s cloud hosting you want.

It is a managed hosting. so you don’t need to put any effort into handling the servers. They have an affordable hosting plan with free SSL certificates, free CDN, free site migration and a lot more.

9. SeekaHost

SeekaHost is a very affordable web hosting. it is designed for a webmaster who does SEO and link building. So they can host the website at a cheap price. the web hosting plan is very cheap and offers great services like free site transfer and free SSL certificates with full support.

SeekaHost is also a PBN Provider which offers its PBN Hosting at very cheap prices.

10. Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting for small bloggers who don’t want to make their website large. They only want their website to live. So for that Hostinger steps in. the hosting plans are very cheap but provide good services. It is very amazing to pay less and get good services. They offer a free domain name and free SSL certificates in the hosting plan.

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WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting: Which One Is The Best?

Today we are going to find out which one is the best, WordPress hosting or shared hosting. we will WPX Hosting WordPress hosting and shared hosting int this article.

We find it very difficult to decide which one is better for the website. is it WordPress hosting or shared hosting? what are the differences between them? worry not because we are here to clear all your doubts.

When we plan to build our first website we come across many points where we have to decide precisely. Because the decision will impact the overall result. So the stakes are higher when you try to find the best hosting plan.

Web hosting companies provide different types of plans like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting. so it becomes very confusing which one is better for our website.

WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting

We will talk in detail about these two hosting types and how to identify the best fit for our website. both the plans have different price and set of resources.

Shared Hosting

Web hosting is the server that hosts our website on it and makes it live on the internet. so we have to rent some space in the servers to get our site running. Web hosting plans vary from company to company.

But the basic structure of the hosting plan will bite the same. Like bandwidth, storage space, domain, website hosting limit, etc.

Shared hosting is the most widely used web hosting plan for beginners and small companies. The reason is that it is the basic level of web hosting. in shared hosting, the entire server is divided into many sections virtually. 

Each space is rented to different bloggers. In simple words, you will have to share the same server with others.  Due to this, the price of the plan is less than other hosting types like dedicated hosting. 

The shared hosting is loaded with all the required tools and components to run and manage the website by yourself. Shared hosting is a bit different than WordPress hosting.

In shared hosting, you are not limited to only hosting a WordPress website. you will have many CMS available to download and install it on the system.

However, there are some drawbacks in shared hosting as you are paying less money then you will get a few features only.  In shared hosting you will be sharing the single sever with other bloggers then it will also affect your website performance.

When another website will get huge traffic then it may affect the performance of your website. the bandwidth speed may become less or occur any kind of problem to the performance.

So when you want to host a basic website with less traffic then shared hosting is the best. You can find shared hosting of many companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground and many more.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the hosting specially optimized for the WordPress system. In this web hosting the servers are completely optimized for providing better results with WordPress websites.

WordPress hosting can be available in managed and unmanaged types. Now when you don’t want to manage the optimization and servers then you should use the managed WordPress hosting. it is a bit expensive from unmanaged WordPress hosting. but the services you will get is mind-blowing.

On the other hand in unmanaged WordPress hosting, you will have to take care of the server and optimization. So it becomes a bit difficult for those who don’t have any idea about the backend. It is a bit cheaper than managed hosting.

The difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting is that WordPress hosting has all the tools and components needed for a Wordpress site. the hosting plan is designed to provide only the resources that are needed. So the user doesn’t have to spend money on unnecessary things.

The best WordPress hosting you can find is WPX hosting in the market. It is the #1 ranked web hosting for WordPress bloggers. They offer all the required plus extra tools for enhancing the performance and growth of the website.

In WPX hosting you will get features like CDN system for traffic management, SSL certificate for a secure connection, multiple domain hosting for bloggers, free site migration, free backups and lot more.

They offer an amazing support service with 32 languages supported. So anyone can connect to them and discuss their problem. They are always available to help you out. You can discuss your problem via live chat, phone call or email.

How To Decide Which One To Choose?

Now we know the basic difference between WPX Hosting’s WordPress hosting and shared hosting. so the question arrives which one is the best? The answers are pretty simple.

Those who are just starting with their blogging career. Then shared hosting will be best for the beginning then after the website will require more resources then you can shift to managed WordPress hosting.

You can directly start using the WordPress hosting also if you have a good budget. Managed WordPress hosting will be the best because here you don’t have to constantly check the servers and optimize it.

All the services and components will be managed by WPX hosting. you can freely write and publish attractive content for the website.

In the end, the decision is mostly affected by the price. But if you want to get good results then we recommend you to go with the best hosting for your website.

You can simply check your website and its requirement so you will get an idea about the web hosting you want. Then you will not have to buy unnecessary things. This will save your money on the services.

In shared hosting, there is no guarantee that the servers will be optimized for WordPress websites. As there are certain software requirements like PHP 7X latest version, SQL database, and powerful admin panel.  So, to unlock the full potential of the WordPress website then go for WordPress hosting.

Affiliate Programs Web Hosting

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program: How To Activate It?

Ever imagine earning money just by telling your friends and families. Then this article is for you. Today we are going to tell you how you can make great passive income just by promoting WPX Hosting to your friends and acquaintances. In short, you only have to refer those who seek good web hosting like WPX Hosting.

We all want to make passive income just by doing a few hours of work and generate a good amount of money. Sound very imaginary right. But what if I tell you that it is possible to generate millions of dollars just by referring people.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

it is also called affiliate marketing and big affiliates are making million dollars passively just by promoting it on their website, youtube channel, facebook, etc. if they can do it then you can too.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Those who seek the best business plan to work from home. Then affiliate marketing is the solution. Affiliate marketing is a method of digital marketing.  It is a referring program which you can easily join. After that, you have to promote their products or services to people. 

When someone will buy their product through your referral link then you will get some commission. The commission is different for different companies. It is a very simple method which you can do for a few hours daily and generate money while you sleep.

there are thousands of companies that are offering affiliate programs and it is completely free to register. There is no hidden fee for joining any companies affiliate program. However, if you don’t know which one to join then we recommend you to start with the WPX Hosting affiliate program.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

WPX Hosting is a top-level managed web hosting in the market. It is very reputed and designed for all types of websites. WPX Hosting comes with a lot of features that are very beneficial for bloggers in the long run.

WPX Hosting runs an affiliate program partner. It is free to join and requires only a few minutes to become their affiliate partner.

WPX Hosting pays million dollars yearly to its affiliate partners. Because they don’t have to hire salespeople to market their product and it is inefficient in today’s generation.  As people are spending hours daily on social media sites and other websites.

So, it unlocks a  new business opportunity like digital marketing to target people from the internet. The cost of the affiliate program is less compared to the sales team and also gives higher sales. 

That is why companies pay online affiliate marketers to boost their sales and you can earn good money. It is a great way to earn money if you don’t want to go to the office. Because here there is no time-bound and you can work flexibly.

Further, we will see how we can register for their affiliate program and start referring people through our referral link.

How To Register For WPX Hosting Affiliate Program & Activate It?

The registration process is very simple and requires few minutes to signup. Anyone who thinks they can sell their products and services then you are free to join.  Follow the steps to register yourself for the WPX Hosting affiliate program.

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Step 1: Official Website

To sign up for the affiliate program you have to go to their official website. there you can see the “About” menu. Hover over it and you will see the option “ become an affiliate” click on it. Then you will be on the affiliate program page of WPX Hosting.

Step 2:  Get More Information

First completely read all the things on their affiliate page to get more knowledge about the WPX Hosting affiliate program. WPX hosting also shares some good affiliate programs. However, there is no limit on how many you can join.

But, if you are a beginner then you should start with only one affiliate program and then increase it after some time. So it will give you time to work with focus and you will also develop marketing skills.

Step 3: Start Earning

After going through the affiliate page. Now you can click on the signup button or “start earning” button. This will take you to the registration page.

Step 4: Fill A Form

Now, you will see a basic registration form for the affiliate program. Just fill up with all the required details and then click on the submit button.

Step 5: WPX Affiliate Account

After click on the submit button. Your affiliate account will be created and you can log in into your account. In the affiliate account, you will be provided many marketing tools like banner ads code, referral links, statistics of sales.

You can keep a track record of your sales and visits on your referral links from the dashboard. Through analytics, you can analyze the sales and can improve it for better sales.

Now, you have successfully created your WPX hosting affiliate account with few steps. Now, let’s know more about how much you can earn from it.

How Much Commission We Can Make?

WPX Hosting affiliate program is a very flexible program where anyone from any country can work on it. There is no limit on how many sales you can make per day or month. So you are limited by your thoughts only. As an example, you can refer to this site which is also using WPX Hosting and earn much commissions in return.

You can make as many sales as you can. So you have a golden opportunity to generate a million dollars from the affiliate program.

Talking about the commission then for each product in the start you will get 70$. When you will start making more sales then the commission will also increase.

WPX Hosting has a commission chart in which when you will make more sales in a month then you will earn more money on each sale.

The maximum commission you can generate for each sale is 100$. so you can imagine how much money you can generate from home. You will only have to work a few hours based on your flexibility. And there are meeting with the affiliate partner of WPX hosting every week so you can connect with them to get more knowledge and increase your sales.